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US Tax Advisor in the UK

Seamless US Tax Filing Solutions in the UK

We are experts in US personal tax. We can advise you on optimising your tax affairs and prepare all the necessary tax filings.

Tax Filing Services

Comprehensive US Tax Advice and Tax Filing Services in the UK

We provide US tax filing services for American citizens, lawful permanent residents (green card holders), US tax residents and non-US tax residents. Our services include US Federal & State tax return preparation and tax advice.

We can look at where your assets are based and advise you on how this affects which authority you pay your taxes to – whether it’s to the IRS, state authority or HMRC.

Filing US Tax Returns with a Dedicated US Tax Accountant

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+44 (0)2034354425

Simplifying Cross-Border Taxation

Many US taxpayers who are tax resident in the UK or elsewhere outside the USA have concerns about being taxed twice on their income or capital gains. We correctly help clients claim the right amount of foreign tax credits to ensure they pay the right tax to the right country.

US Tax returns that we prepare:

  • Federal Income tax return and attachments - 1040 etc…

  • Federal information returns including foreign partnerships (form 8865), disregarded entities (form 8832), trusts (form 3520 & 3520-A) and companies (form 5471)

  • Federal gift and estate returns

  • Expatriation returns

  • Foreign Bank & Financial Account (FBAR) returns

Efficient US Tax Return Filing for UK Citizens

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Changes in US Tax Laws Over 20 Years

Over the last 20 years US tax laws have changed a great deal. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) significantly enhanced the powers of the IRS and the obligations of US tax filers to disclose more information. For the IRS overseas assets and their reporting has become a significant area of focus and enforcement.

Frequently Asked Questions About US Tax Filing

All US citizens and lawful permanent residents (Green Card) living outside the USA have a legal requirement to file a US tax return if they meet the filing threshold for their individual circumstance.