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Expatriate Tax

US Expat Taxes

Harrison Swift provides experienced expat tax advice to businesses and individuals on all aspects of US and UK expatriate tax.

Individual Taxpayers

You may be coming to the UK, already in the UK, or leaving the UK. We can help you with:

  • Pre-departure or arrival planning – including tax analysis of investment assets & suitability for UK taxpayers.

  • Advice under the UK statutory residence test & relevant UK double tax treaties.

  • Help with UK sourced income for non-UK tax residents.

  • Non-domiciled tax advice & planning.

  • Trust planning & return preparation for both UK & offshore trusts.

  • Overseas workday relief advice & mixed fund analysis.

expatriate tax
expatriate tax services

Filing US Taxes from UK

We can advise your business on expatriate US and UK filing requirements. If you have a group of employees in the UK or USA we can help you with their tax filings. 

Call us on:

+44 (0)2034354425

Frequently Asked Questions About Expatriate Tax

The question of domicile under UK law is extremely multi-faceted and will need to be interpreted after analysing the laws using your unique set of facts. It’s important to do this as an expat because there may be significant tax advantages.