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UK Disclosure

If you are behind with your taxes or you have made mistake, we can help you find the best way to disclose this information to HMRC.

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UK Disclosure Process

There are various ways to make a disclosure to HMRC, including a dedicated offshore disclosure facility to report undisclosed non-UK assets & income. Don’t let the complexities of tax disclosure overwhelm you – let Harrison Swift be your partner in navigating this process smoothly and effectively.

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+44 (0)2034354425

How We Can Help You

We understand that no matter how attentive someone is, mistakes can be made. We can sensitively assist you to report the correct assets, income & capital gains to HMRC. Our objective will always be to help you to cooperate smartly with HMRC and this will help you to minimise penalties.

  • Expert Guidance

    Our experienced advisors offer expert guidance tailored to your situation.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Assist with reporting correct assets, income, and capital gains to HMRC.

  • Penalty Minimisation

    We work to minimize penalties through smart cooperation strategies.

  • Compliance Support

    Ensure compliance with relevant UK tax laws


Frequently Asked Questions About UK Disclosure

Generally when something is wrong with your UK taxes, it is best to engage an expert who has direct experience with making a disclosure to HMRC. UK tax law is complicated and submitting a disclosure with mistakes can make your situation much worse than when you started.